I am a clay artist who creates one of kind plaques. They represent a variety of subjects, that I hope create joy to the viewer.
Women's Series
I am a firm believer, that women play a rule in many different ways in the lives of family and friends. I also believe media is portraying women in ways, that they can't achieve.
People wear masks for many different reasons. They wear them as costumes or as facades or use them as camouflage.
Sculptural Works
I love making shapes and designs. You will see that through out my work, but I especially like doing it on my sculptural pieces.
I think men play an important part in Women's lives. I feel that I need to represent them to round out my portfolio.
Painting and Ceramics
I mount ceramic pieces on canvas. I then finish them with a variety of materials.
I carve 99% of my pieces from alabaster. It is a difficult process that a lot of time and effort.